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Brand Identity


Brand identity, Graphic design, Strategy, Communication and activation
Strategy and planning from a marketing demand perspective. Tierra Nueva Interactive builds off of this framework to allow organizations to focus on customer acquisition. Their goal is to help build a process that is buyer-centric, seeding empathy, instilling customer bias, and reinforcing business relationships.

1. Challenge

SaaS marketing is sometimes hard to understand from a consumer standpoint, even when being marketed directly in the b2b space.

2. Idea

Make this hard-to-understand concept, digestible, and accessible. Should be thought of as more fun, an extension of internal marketing team, rather than, logistics and planning.

3. Solution

Contextualize the concept of demand planning in terms of marketing, and use bright colors and a unique visual identity to suggest brand values while differentiating from other SaaS companies.
The first step was creating a logo that both represented the Tierra Nueva Interactive values, while remaining elegant and effective. The the elephant was chosen as a core branding element for its representation of luck, prospoerity, and wisdom.

Logo Variations

Use Cases

Visual Identity

The initial brand process focused on bringing together. values, and a pop of color in order to solidify a strong brand identity. The guidelines, color scheme, typography, layout, voice, and brand values were outlined in the Tierra Nueva Interactive brand book.

Use Cases


Taking into account the Tierra Nueva Interactive guidelines 1925 Design created real-world mockups, showcasing some of the physical brand applications.



Completed 2020


Joseph Reynoso, Founder


Geneviv Morales