Funky Bakes Website Design Earns Elementor Top Ranking

#6 Elementor Website of the Month | Funky Bakes is a Miami-based online cookie shop specializing in homemade dough and batters. Their WooCommerce site was created by brand designer Geneviv Morales of 1925 Design, a marketing and design studio in Miami specializing in restaurant branding. 

Funky Bakes’s target market ranges from families and parents of school-aged children and teens to younger millennials. As such, the online shop website’s functionality and design scheme are designed to attract this focused, yet wide bracket of visitor types. 

The site’s mobile responsiveness is enabled by its “black on white” theme — prioritizing readability with large, clearly legible text in bold, funky typefaces. When communication with an audience that includes teenagers, millennials, and busy families, anticipating that they’ll access the store from mobile devices makes perfect sense. The baked goods can only be ordered by phone, another reason why making sure the site works well on mobile is a top priority. 

Theme: Twenty Twenty

Plugins: WooCommerce, Gloria Foods

Design & Development: Geneviv Morales

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