Funky Bakes


Brand Identity


Brand identity, photography, web design, graphic design, strategy communication and activation
Welcome to Miami to the Funky Bakes virtual restaurant. Formerly, the brand toting fresh sweets and a new approach. A fresh new brand looking to capitalize on the baking “know-how” and rise of ghost kitchens.

1. Challenge

The creation of new restaurants with a focus on delivery and takeout options has now taken a strong foothold in Miami. Now, it should be noted that a lot of home-chef and at home takeout options have become very popular.

2. Idea

This brand is meant for the true foodies. The ones who want good quality and flavor to write home about.

3. Solution

Create a strong brand identity backed by strong use of bold color and personality. Then, later crafting menu items tailored to the Miami market and highlighting them.

A logo was created to bring the brand to life. It is meant to be whimsical, memorable, but familiar at the same time. Reminding the viewer of that “homemade” feeling with a singular logo. Along with a color-forward theme, representative of the brands style and tone: fun and inviting.

Website Design & Development

The website was entire unique. Focusing on gusotmign everything from a full screen menu to a custom designed cursor. The site is fun and inventive, just like Funky Bakes. The design, layout, color, and typography earned 1925 Design a place on Elementor’s “Top 10 Sites of the Month.”



Completed 2021


Zoey, Founder


Geneviv Morales